Introducing Indonesian food to South London’s Mums

By Nelly Andon

I love cooking and very passionate about Indonesian food.  Indonesian food is so delicious and lately it is getting very hard to find good Indonesian restaurants in the UK that serve amazing authentic Indonesian food.  You can still find some Indonesian food around but usually served in Asian restaurants, that serve a variety of Asian dishes, so authenticity is not great. For this reason, I have been doing “self-thought” cooking for many years, normally experimenting during dinner parties and lunches with my friends at my home.  Over the years, the internet has given me more opportunities to find new recipes and to experiment these in real cooking. YouTube has thousands of amazing cooking videos to learn from, and I must say, they are fantastic.

I am happy to say that my cooking skills are fairly good now, and I have made a few people very happy over the years.  Lambeth Council is currently managing a community project, arranging regular cookery programmes for the local people, and I took this opportunity to share my skills and passion for Indonesian food with the local mums.  Sharing Indonesian food with non-Indonesian, and having the chance to teach them how to make these dishes is priceless.

My cooking session this evening went very smoothly. I felt very confident and over the moon seeing all the ladies attended the session very happy. On this occasion, we were cooking lamb curry and coconut rice, which are very easy to make.  All the ingredients were fresh and also taught them how to make curry paste freshly.  Each person attended had to contribute something and the food made was shared between us.  Everyone went home very happy, and I grew more confident in my cooking ability.

If you are managing a community group and wish to invite us to demonstrate cooking in your group, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Happy cooking.




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