Greetings from our team in Kupang – an update on the glasses distribution

By Olvira Ballo

We are extremely grateful to Connect Indonesia again for sending 81 pairs of glasses to our senior workers here in Indonesia. We have managed to distribute some of these glasses now to weavers groups in several villages. The receivers, both men and women felt truly elated with these gifts.

Our craft workers here in Kupang are very ambitious in developing their home industry, though they do realise that there are many issues preventing them from doing so. At least now they have a little help from Connect Indonesia, providing them with a little support by giving them glasses which will allow them to see better, work easier and more productive. Their creations are truly beautiful and I have attached several images of these craft items for the world to see. Weaving or crafting something is not their main profession; they are actually farmers who use their spare time to be more creative and productive.

We are very grateful to Mrs Linda of Nover Linda Tenun Ikat, who has very kindly connected us with the weavers. A shop by Nover Linda Tenun is located in the village, helping weavers and craft workers to sell and market their creations.

There were 40 weavers turned up at the gathering, and due to the many different glasses strengths required by the group members, we only managed to deliver 27 pairs of glasses to the right users. We ensured the weavers, that there will be more glasses coming their way in the near future. They are happy enough just to know that some people out there, away from home, people that they never even met cared about them. Hope is all they have and nurturing their hope brings more amazing reality to their lives. The age of the weavers ranging from 40 – 55 years of age, and reading glasses +1 & +1,5 were more suitable for them the purpose of weaving and crafting.


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