Cooking and Dining with Sri Owen, learning how to make Bebek Betutu, a special dish from Bali

By Nelly Andon

Bebek Betutu is a Balinese dish, made from whole duck richly marinated in Indonesian spices and stuffed with vegetables and spices then wrapped in Banana Leaves and roasted.  Just writing about it now makes my mouth water.  I have never cooked Bebek Betutu, so we are very lucky to have got the invitation to the home of legendary Indonesian cook and food writer, Mrs Sri Owen to follow step-by-step demonstration on how to prepare this delicious Balinese dish.

To join me on this occasion was our Dorset based cook and food writer, Yayu Slocock and her family.  The cookery demo was followed by lavish dining, feasting on Sri’s special rempeyek and rendang. To add into what was already amazing varieties of Indonesian amazing food on the day, I managed to contribute my special lamb curry and urap (Indonesian special vegetable dish with roasted grated coconut dressing).

You can access Sri Owen’s recipes on her website, and for this particular one please follow this link. recipe is also available in Sri Owen’s cookery books. The following book is her latest publication, full of amazing recipes and beautiful images, including stories of Sri’s journey over the years. The book can be purchased on Amazon. Alternatively, you can contact us here to check if any of her books are available to purchase directly.  This book is really packed full of amazing recipes, some which I have tried successfully.

Happy cooking!!






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