Our glasses were distributed in Palu, Central Sulawesi

The team of volunteers in Sulawesi have successfully distributed our glasses to weavers in Palu,  Central Sulawesi. We are extremely excited that our glasses are now reaching more weavers around the archipelago, thanks to our devoted volunteers who have made this possible. A few lucky weavers from the weaver’s group Rumah Peduli/SKP-HAM were:

  1. Yumi
  2. Rosna
  3. Sanaria
  4. Hayani
  5. Aslina
  6. Kartini
  7. Zuhra
  8. Rohani
  9. Sabawia
  10. Suartin
  11. Korsia
  12. Misna

The weavers group is located in Jl. Basuki rahmat lorong saleko 2, kel birobuli utara kec palu selatan kota Palu, Central Sulawesi. For those of you who are visiting the area, do visit our weavers, and see their beautiful textile creations.

Our sincere gratitude to our volunteers Nurlaela AK. Lamasitudju and Virlian Nurkristi for their amazing work in helping us to make this journey possible.

As always, we are truly proud of our Project Manager, Olvira Ballo who has tirelessly managing this project and devoting her valuable time for the sustainable of this project. Thank you Ira, you are amazing!!

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