Our glasses distribution in Mamasa , Central Sulawesi

By Nelly Andon

Something is so inspiring and spirit building when you find someone who is so energised, devoted and ambitious to walk with you to reach your dream. In the past few years, I feel truly blessed to have met amazing people who are truly passionate about Indonesian textiles and who care so much about the workers involved in producing them.

We are proud to share our stories with you that Connect Indonesia, The Charity’s project “Seeing is Believing” is reaching more weaving villages in Indonesia now.  On this occasion we are in Central Sulawesi, Mamasa Region, meeting weavers and distributing reading glasses with the Torajamelo team, headed up by the owner Mrs Diny Jusuf is connecting us to the weavers in Mamasa Region, Western Sulawesi and also in Toraja Region, South Sulawesi. Mrs Diny Jusuf, who has been working to promote Toraja weavers and their woven textiles for many years now, helping to develop home industries and at the same time campaign to preserve cultural heritage surrounding Indonesian traditional textiles, particularly from Toraja.

Although many parts of Toraja can now be reached by proper transport, many weaving villages are not so easy to reach due to lack of proper infrastructure, but Diny with her amazing ambitions managed to reach remote villages accompanied by her husband riding a small motorbike. Bravo ibu Diny, you are truly amazing!!  Your stories about the weavers in these villages are truly eye-opening, and I hope our contributions and teamwork can benefit more weavers in Sulawesi. Thank you for your full support in making things happened.

Our gratitude to Ms Wiwid Widiyanti, of Torajamelo team who has helped with the distribution process and our devoted Project Manager in Kupang, Ms Olvira Ballo who has been faithfully sorting our glasses for distribution. I feel truly blessed to have been able to work with such amazing and kind-hearted individual. We hope that we could continue this pure charity work for many more years to come.

The weavers who received our glasses in Mamasa:

Name Groups (Pebassian) Umur
Kori Batarirah 54 Years old
Sondoh Batarirah 42 Years old
Anace Batumoni 42 Years old
Ruth (Mama Dani) Saluloki 49 Years old
Nelce Kasih Bunda 54 Years old
Tasik Lalundung Ne’Amba 40 Years old
Ne,Bite Batarirah 59 Years old
Sara Batarirah 65 Years old
Limbang Karua/ Mama Tasik Saraputalang 66 Years old
Taris Mama Drni Saraputalang 49 Years old
Datu Aruan Burataneta 57 Years old
Sabariah/Ma Rezki Sanguyan Ta’bu 37 Years old
Lempan Saratu Sanguyan Ta’bu 60 Years old


Name Groups (Balla Village) Age
Etty Buratanete 57 Years old
Dorce Buratanete 46Years old
Sambo Mailin Buratanete 57 Years old
Langi Kayang Buratanete 62 Years old
Maryam Tasik Kalua Buratanete 82 Years old
Aruan Tallo Buratanete 58 Years old
Lempan Saratu Buratanete 44 Years old
Samboa aruan Buratanete 57 Years old
Rambo Saratu Sanguyun Ta’bu 55 Years old
Limbong Mewaka Sanguyun Ta’bu 57 Years old
Limbong Mewaka Sanguyun Ta’bu 58 Years old
Arruan Lebok Sanguyun Ta’bu 60 Years old
Aryance Sanguyun Ta’bu 59 Years old
Aruan Lumpa Mesakada 62 Years old
Aruan Saratu Mesakada 55 Years old
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