On Saturday 4th October 2014, Connect Indonesia joined the Indonesian communities in the Midland, UK, celebrating some of the most delicious dishes from the archipelago. The event was arranged by Rita Smith of Beda Butik and her team of volunteers. The party was arranged with “Bohemian Style” in red & white theme to colour-coordinate with Indonesian national flag. It was amazingly successful and everyone was having fun.

Rita Smith is a photographer, and during the event, she managed to persuade people to have their photo taken for a small donation to Connect Indonesia, The Charity. We are extremely happy to know that Rita has managed to collect £70 (Seventy pounds) for the Charity. Our huge gratitude to Rita and all the people involved in making the event possible and successful, thank you so much for having Connect Indonesia, The Charity participating in the event and thank you very much for your donation.

Connect Indonesia, The Charity has also raised a small amount from our stall, and this will help us deliver our books for Indonesia soon.

We are hoping to see more event like this one around the UK. A small event like this one would provide insight into Indonesian Culture and tradition to the local people. Well done Rita and her team, you have created a super event. Hope to see another event here soon.


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