22 pairs of reading glasses for our weavers in Timor, this month, September 2014

We are very proud that we have managed to send 22 pairs of glasses to our weavers in Amarasi region of Kupang this month, delivered by our very kind volunteer Dr Sandi Soedarman, who was on a visit to London this month.  The glasses have now reached Kupang and have been distributed to our weavers by our volunteer project team member in Kupang, Ms Doli Nuban Purwata.

Thank you all who have donated used and new reading glasses this month, we are confident that these glasses would help our weavers to work better and more efficient.  Part of the objective of the project “Seeing is Believing” is to recycle used reading glasses, and we know many of us probably have several pairs tucked away in our draws gathering dust and neglected.  These neglected glasses would do wonder for our weavers, who cannot afford new glasses. So please contact us for information where to send them: email: info@connect-indonesia.org

Our sincere gratitude Dr Sandi Soedarman for agreeing to take our box of glasses in his luggage to Indonesia. Our sincere gratitude to Mrs Doli Nuban Porwata who has very kindly spare her most precious time to arrange distribution of these glasses to our weavers in Timor. God bless you all abundantly.



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