Our glasses were distributed to crafters in Kebumen, Central Java

This is a case for celebration, finally, Connect Indonesia’s work is reaching Java.  Although Java no longer considered as a weaving region, Java is the biggest craft producing region in Indonesia, therefore we feel very proud that we are now connecting to senior workers outside of the weaving industry.  We are truly grateful to Tiara Deysha Rianti, an Indonesian graduate and a social entrepreneur, who started a small charity called “Heart of Spora”, helping to promote and support the work of Pandan Weavers (creating baskets, mats, baskets, etc, from pandan grass) in Kebumen area in central Java. With the help of Tiara, we are now connected to the senior weavers in the area. Some example of their works below.

In September 2016, Connect Indonesia, The Charity has managed to distribute 14 pairs of glasses the following artisans:

Name Age     Name Age
1 Suratmi 63 8 Jamilah 58
2 Ratem 53 9 Rusiyati 54
3 Tuminah 59 10 Sopiyah 62
4 Mudiyah 56 11 Sumarmi 56
5 Wagirah 48 12 Raminem 58
6 Juliah 49 13 Warisah 55
7 Munirah 54 14 Darinah 45

For any party who is interested in their work, please contact the Heart of Spora team, details below:

HEART OF SPORA is located in Jl. Pahlawan No. 142 Kebumen, Jawa Tengah 54316 (Official)
Workshop & production location: Dukuh Sentana Kunci RT.07/RW.V Grenggeng, Karanganyar, Kebumen (KUP Margo Rahayu). Website: http://heartofspora.co.id/

Our endless gratitude to Olvira Ballo, our project manager, who has worked so hard to finalise the distribution for Java. We hope to support many more senior workers from all around the archipelago in the future. Please help us to support them. Contact us if you wish to donate glasses or help fund the project.

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