55 weavers received glasses in Tuabao Village of Flores

By Nelly Andon

August & September 2016 was truly a very special month for me, where I was invited to attend glasses distribution in several places in Flores.  1st call was Tuabao Village in The Sikka region. We are extremely grateful to the team from the “Yayasan Indonesia Untuk Kemanusiaan”(www.indonesiauntukkemanusiaan.org)  who have very kindly bridged Connect Indonesia’s “Seeing is Believing” project to the weavers in the area.  This was truly a very special day for us, working together for humanity, without boundaries, truly grassroots with minimal bureaucracy.

On the morning of the 31st August, the IKA (Yayasan Indonesia Untuk Kemanusiaan) team collected me fairly early from my hotel in Maumere, a morning activity I wasn’t very grateful for, but soon cheered up by the IKA team. We were driven down to a small village called Tuabao, where the IKA team actively supporting several groups of weavers on human right issues, and women’s right.  Here, we met up with the head of the village (Kepala Desa) and his team and other charity organisations from Jakarta, the capital city. The meeting and the glasses distribution went on very smoothly and casually, giving us the opportunity to mingle with everyone involved.

Our huge gratitude to the IKA (Yayasan Indonesia Untuk Kemanusiaan)  team, Mrs Anik T. Wusari (Executive Director of IKA) & Ms Virlian Nurkristi (Program Officer), with their amazing support during the distribution.  Connect-Indonesia, The Charity’s team thanking you all for your amazing support and we hope that we can continue to contribute to the development of women in Indonesia.

As always, our huge gratitude to Olvira Ballo (Manager – Seeing is Believing Project), who has devoted so much of her time to make this distribution possible.

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