Our glasses were distributed to senior potters in Rote island

Whilst Rote is continuing to develop their ikat weaving industry, there is a great deal to be optimistic with regards to the ceramics industry which recently started to pick up on the island.

It looks like the potters in Rote has been doing well; there has been a groundswell of micro and small ceramic firms established in recent years, but the quality of pottery around here are still to be improved. The potters have great eyes for designs, but they need proper training to create 1st class pottery items.

On the afternoon of our 2nd-day visit, we were invited to the pottery region of the island. The potters here are ambitious and wish to develop good home industries. They have amazing colours, bright and beautiful, but the quality of the pottery produced need to be improved in order to compete with other regions within the national market.

Our visit to this region was truly special, accompanied by Mama Pauliana Haning, the head of the DEKRANASDA Rote and her team, and we were welcomed by a beautiful Rote Ndao dance and music. We mingled and danced with some of the potters and taking a turn to enjoy cups of tea whilst working distributing the glasses to those who need them. Charity work has never been so much fun. Working on a true grassroots project is truly amazing. You get to meet and share many amazing stories with senior workers. Everything works out beautifully, with very little bureaucracy and a lot of things achieved successfully.

Our best wishes to the potters here in Rote. The future is bright for this region, this industry will promise good employment in the future.  Please help develop Rote’s pottery industry. If you are someone who is an expert in pottery work, do visit Rote and offer your expertise to provide them good training. Your support is highly needed here at this current time.

Our sincere gratitude to Mama Paulina Haning and her team for their hospitality and attention during our stay in Rote.

Our special thanks to our amazing volunteers (Olvira Ballo, Doli Febiyany Porwata, Nelly Andon)  who have spent their valuable time here in Rote and achieved great works on this visit. Good luck



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