More glasses to share with our weavers – over 1600 pairs new stock this month

We can’t keep this great feeling to ourselves. I prayers have been answered. This month we are able to obtain a huge number of glasses with very reasonable prices from the GLFB/Geranium, the charity for the Blind in London.  We are truly grateful to everyone who has donated to connect Indonesia int he past few years, with the money we are now able to purchase these number of glasses to share with our weavers.  These glasses will enable us to connect to many villages now, allowing us to understand how they work and how we can help.

Our connection to the weavers via the distribution of our glasses has enabled us to analyse other issues faced by the weavers in Indonesia and we hope together we can lend a helping hand to eliminate some obstacles that prevent their development.

Our journey to deliver these glasses is not without hard work and challenges, but we are very positive, the reward for Connect Indonesia, The Charity’s team and the weavers would be great.





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