Our glasses have reached weavers in Nembrala region of South Rote Island.

Nembrala is located in South Rote and it is well known for its beautiful white beaches and surfing. The weavers we visited here were originally from the Ndao, a small island, which is only a short distance from this part of the island. Ndao is a true weaving village, where the main revenue here is from weaving activities.  We distributed several glasses here and learned a lot about the local Ndao migrants and their weaving textile. We hope to cross to Ndao Island in the near future and distribute some glasses to the busy weavers there.

Our sincere gratitude to Mama Paulina Haning and her team for their hospitality and attention during our stay in Rote.  Our special thanks to our amazing volunteers (Olvira Ballo, Doli Febiyany Porwata, Nelly Andon) who have spent their valuable time here in Rote and achieved great works on this visit.

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