Our Glasses distribution in Londalusi Village, West Rote

On the second day of our Rote distribution, Connect Indonesia’s team were taken to a village by Mama Paulina Haning of DEKRANASDA and team, called Londalusi, located in West Rote.  The dry season has not been very kind to vegetation around this area, where the landscape looked dry and dusty. Part of the road was fairly rocky and dry and fairly rough and bumpy, but we didn’t have time to pay attention the roughness, as the view outside was just far too beautiful to be missed. Rote has amazing white beaches, beautiful blue sea and the sky just clear blue every day during our stay, truly breathtaking.

Meeting weavers group was always exciting, seeing new smiles, and new hope and always feel like a new beginning. Handing over a new pair of reading glasses is like planting new seeds and hope something will grow from here. The weavers are so talented and always ready to starts a new project. There are so many ways to bring their work to their surface, everyone can plant a hope. In this village, the weavers are very keen to revive some of the old designs which are no longer produced and together they are learning how to use natural dye. There are projects here to try and grow the Indigofera plants to produce the indigo paste, but the soil here is far so rocky and may not produce a good harvest. However, there are many other plants grown locally which can produce amazing natural colour.

Rote weavers really don’t need ATBM (the large weaving tool, heavy and less practical), they work beautifully with the traditional tool called “GEDOGAN”. Each weaver can keep this tool in their homes, small, light and easier to operate.

We end this visit to Londalusi by having a lovely picnic lunch on our way to another location, a beautiful picnic lunch provided by Mama Paulina Haning. A lovely lunch on a beautiful day in a beautiful location with lovely people, a perfect visit to Rote indeed.

Please support Rote weavers to continue weaving ethically and productively. They need your support. Please visit Rote, and combine your holiday with visiting weaving villages. If you are interested to know more about Rote’s Ikat, visit the DEKRANASDA OFFICE in the main city, here you can meet the team and get as much information about Rote’s ikat and designs. Happy holiday and enjoy your community work in Rote!!.

Special thanks to the DEKRANASDA Team especially to Mama Paulina and Ms Jerni Mehelin Ndolu for their amazing support. Huge thanks to Olvira Ballo and Doli Febiyany Porwata for their full support during this trip, you are amazing!!!

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