After the success of our Cultural event in London last month, we grew more confident that if we work together with several small Indonesian groups in the UK we believed that we could create successful cultural events again, then our Senggol Christmas market was conceived.  With the help of the PPI London (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesian London), our Christmas Senggol market, our first senggol market by Connect Indonesia, The Charity was launched.

The aim of this market was to promote Indonesian arts and crafts items and to invite the British people to get to know more about Indonesian cuisine, and above all, this was a great excuse for Indonesians to get together and enjoy real Indonesian food at very low prices.

Indonesia is a beautiful country and very rich in culture and tradition. We strongly believe that creating a small but regular market events such Senggol market could act as a great low-cost tool to promote Indonesia to the British public. This type of event should be made more available by the Indonesian Embassy and other Indonesian organisations in the UK. There are so many willing parties of volunteers happy to chip in to make the event possible, though it does require commitment and time to organise, but it is possible.

We are truly grateful to the PPI students who have worked very hard to make this market possible. We hope to create more market events in the near future. Our sincere gratitude to all the stall holders, who have displayed amazing stalls for everyone to enjoy. Our sincere gratitude to all parties who have taken part in making this event possible. God bless us all and have a wonderful Christmas.


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