GLOBAL FOOD CAMPAIGN Attending the big “IF” campaign ahead of the G8 Meeting – JUNE 14, 2013

By Nelly Andon

Imagine “IF” you were there to give your voice, this campaign would have been more successful. We were very proud that we were part of the big IF campaign with UNICEF, Hyde Park London today.

The great things were, apart from feeling the part of the caring society, we also had a great chance to get close with amazing leaders and celebrities like Bill Gates, Myleene Klass, Danny Boyle, Lauren Laverne, David Harewood, David Gyasi, Gethin Jones, The Urban Voices Collective, former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, Beardyman, otherwise known as Darren Foreman, Singer and campaigner Angelique Kidjo, Dan Roche from Outnumbered, and many more amazing people and US of course the campaigners .  It was all a celebration and having fun with thousands of caring people from around the world and the UK to find out a solution to prevent poverty and hanger on our planet.

With so much food in the world and so many wealthy people who could share their fortunes, it is really not necessary to see anyone hungry and children suffering from starvation.  Every year’s tons of foods are binned here in the UK and yet millions of children around the world are hungry and many dyings from malnutrition and starvation.  This campaign aimed to end that suffering, and for us all to think hard and reflect on this issue deeper, and together to find a solution.  Greed in the capitalist’s world created so much unnecessary suffering in our world.  Let’s share and lets care, together we can do it.

What an amazing day!!


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