We have planted our 1st batch of Morinda Saplings in Flores

Over the next few months, we hope to plant hundreds of natural dye trees all over Indonesia, in partnership with our traditional textile artisans from around the archipelago. This programme is sponsored by Wastra Indonesia (https://wastra-indonesia.com), please visit the website to see some amazing traditional textiles made by the textile artisans of Indonesia.

Today, 15 May 2021, we have successfully planted our 1st batch of trees in partnership with the Mbola So weaving cooperative in Maumere, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. The planting was organised and managed by Mr Hendro Rodriques (centre, pictured below), a university lecturer from Maumere University, who, for several years has helped to bridge us to the Mbola So weavers in Hebuli, Maumere.

Today is truly a very special day for us, the beginning of a new day, new hope and new contribution to saving our beautiful planet.  Our partnership with Mbola So, is truly special, as not only we are connected to the senior experienced weavers, we are also inviting the young leaner weavers to take part in our tree planting and natural dye weaving programme. We hope to start our natural dye weaving project with the young learner weavers in the near future, encouraging them to weave true Palue traditional motifs, for the world to enjoy.

Please visit us again soon, to see further development on our tree planting programme, thank you. Come and join us to save our planet, and preserve the textile culture of Indonesia.


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