Wastra Indonesia and their clients donating trees to our tree planting programme

This year Wastra Indonesia (www.wastra-indonesia.com), as the main sponsor of our “Tree Planting” projects in Indonesia, has arranged nearly 1000 thousands tree saplings germinations to share with our textile artisans and homeowners in the village across the archipelago.  This planting is arranged in collaboration with several local nurseries and co-operatives in the local regions in planting locations.

Wastra Indonesia is determined to supply only naturally dyed textiles going forward in line with the mission and vision of the business, to create 100% slow textiles that are kind to the environment. They believe they can.

We are truly grateful that a few of their clients have donated trees to our tree planting programme and we strongly believe that their contribution will bring a much-needed boost and support to the success of our projects.  Our sincere gratitude to Mrs Mirf Chan, of @lovethechans (Love the Chans), who have donated towards our tree planting last month. We hope that Mrs Chan will continue to support us going forward. We are so grateful that The “Love The Chans” team have put their trust in our textiles and we strongly believe that their support will bring positive impacts to the project with great result.

Come and join us, plant trees in Indonesia. Let’s save our planet together.


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