By Nelly Andon
On behalf of Connect Indonesia, The Charity team. 

Yesterday, we were up early feeling not so excited thinking about the traffic jam we were about to endure on this journey.  We headed to the motorway, destined for Bandung. The journey from Jakarta to Bandung was particularly unpleasant, passing a never-ending traffic jam, but the excitement of meeting the Cakrawala Baca team & Telkom University library team overrode the traffic misery, so we stayed happy and listened to some nice music and munched on some lovely duku fruit to kill our boredom on this the long journey.

Fitri and The Cakrawala Baca team, have been planning the reading corner for months, but due to the lack of suitable room, this project has been postponed for a while and resumed again in this month. Connect Indonesia, The Charity is planning to donate all of the books we have collected in London, provided that we are able to ship them to Indonesia without any issue.

This afternoon a few member of the Cakrawala Baca team offered to collect me from the hotel to take me to Telkom University to meet the team. I felt very excited that I will be able to see the reading corner for the first time and to meet each member of the volunteer team and the Telkom university team. There were a few other students from many different faculties attended the meeting, which added to the excitement of it. The team welcomed me with such lovely refreshment and snacks, much like when we visit people in their lovely homes, a very warm welcome indeed. We started the meeting with a casual presentation, sharing a lot of information about Indonesia and young people in general. The meeting went well and the students seemed very relaxed, and this made communication so much easier and smoother.

I was truly amazed and very grateful that Telkom University has generously provided a large room to the Cakrawala team, to be used as a public reading corner, allowing non-Telkom students to take part in their future activities. The team plan to do many networking activities here, such as English classes, businesses links, student networking, and much more. We hope that Connect Indonesia’s books and other equipment will end up here and could help develop this much-needed reading corner.

Our sincere gratitude to the Cakrawala Baca & Telkom University Library teams for bridging us to projects and information in Bandung and allowing us to contribute and participate. We hope that Connect Indonesia’s participation will bring some needed solution and provide materials for a stronger foundation to develop the reading corner.

We wish the Cakrawala Baca & Teklom University library teams the best of luck in managing the reading corner; we are following you every step of the way.

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