Our printer donation to Cakrawala Baca, the reading corner at Telkom University, Bandung

By Nelly Andon Br Torus

I met Fitri in London in the spring of 2014 during her short study at Goldsmith University, in London, an exchange programme by Goldsmith University with Institute Technology Bandung.  Fitri is an alumnus of Telcom University Bandung where she completed her undergraduate studies,  but she is currently studying for her MBA at ITB. Fitri and I met up a few times in London, during her stay, and through these meetings, I got to know her programmes at Cakrawala Baca and her dream to create a small reading corner at Telkom University, aims to provide opportunities for non-Telkom University students to access books at the university.  I was truly impressed with her plans and I felt that this was a great project which Connect Indonesia, The charity should get involved in. We hope to donate some books and equipment to her projects.

Tara Pakpahan, our Project Manager for “HEART” project and Rosdiani (our project support) have very kindly help to short out this printer which was successfully sent to the Cakrawal team in Bandung. We are so grateful for their support, without them none of this arrangement possible.

We are elated to receive an update from Firtri and her team that the printer has arrived safely at Telkom University and is working fine.  We hope that this little printer will do printing magic and help the reading corner to achieve their mission and objectives going forward.  This is just a beginning of many more things to come to help the Cakrawala team managing their work. We are truly proud of their ambition and motivation, we wish them all the best of luck for a successful mission. 

Our sincere gratitude to  Rosdiani and Tara, for their full support and for Fitri and her team for helping Connect Indonesia, The Charity to spread its wings in many parts of Indonesia.

Our motto:  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”  we believe it works. 

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting Connect Indonesia, The charity to continue its work in Indonesia to date.


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