Connect Indonesia, distributed 167 pair of glasses to weavers in Kanatang, East Sumba

On 29th May 2019, Connect Indonesia, The Charity & Wastra Indonesia’s team, travelled to Kanatang, in East Sumba, Indonesia, to meet over 200 weavers working collaboratively with Galeri Tenun Ikat Kanatang, and shared with them 167 reading glasses, distributed to those who need them. We are truly proud, that we have managed to travel this far, from London & Jakarta to Sumba to meet the weavers, and to see their amazing work and textiles culture.

We are inviting you to come and join us on our next visit to Sumba, so that you can see for yourself, how some of the most amazing textiles of the world are being produced purely by hand and colored by dyes from nature around them. Come to Kanatang, come to Sumba with us, you are sure to be looked after really well. See you in our next trip to Indonesia.
Salam wastra,
Wastra Indonesia & Connect Indonesia, The Charity.
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