474 pairs of glasses delivered to Indonesia by our beautiful angels

The feeling is very positive all around us. We are extremely grateful to our truly loyal volunteers who have continuously sacrificed their baggage allowances to accommodate deliveries of large boxes containing reading glasses sent by Connect Indonesia, The Charity to our senior weavers in Indonesia.  Our true angels, Dorothy Dina Ferary, an Indonesian PhD student at UCL London and Mrs Rose Cano a mum and a housewife who is based in London, have managed to carry 474 pairs of glasses between them from London to Indonesia, last June.

As quoted by Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”

Indeed, we believe very strongly that a small group of people in the same dream, vision, mission and hope can make a huge contribution to creating change in our world, and we believe that we are working very hard to be part of that change.


Dorothy and Rose, thank you both so much for your full support, without your support the mission of Connect Indonesia, the Charity will never be achieved. You are both truly amazing, just like all of our other angels (volunteers) who have supported us throughout our work.

As always, our special thank you to Olvira Ballo, our Project Manager in Kupang, Indonesia, who has worked tirelessly and meticulously, counting our glasses and recorded them in our stock database. Olvira with her excellent communication skills has also managed to communicate with all of our volunteers and motivators in Indonesia, ensuring that our project could reach more weavers all around Indonesia. Ira, a very well done for all your hard work, we can’t thank you enough, you are truly amazing.


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